Rent A Wreck

A family run concern since 1938 - we offer the best cheaper alternatives for renting vehicles! Reliable cars that will get you going are only a click away. So if there are any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us . We will help you hire an affordable vehicle.  


Car Rental Rates

Please note the following. Price of automatic cars have changed. For daily car rental add R22.00/daily, weekly car rental add R140/week, and monthly car rental add R450/month. Automatic cars with A/C and P/S. POA.




Daily Rates



Weekly Rates



Monthly Rates   



Long term


R100 inc 10km   free. Excess: R2.00 p/km


R700 inc 105km free. Excess R2.00 p/km


R2 100.00. and R2.0 p/km


R6 300.00 inc 150km free. Excess R2.0 p/km






Daily Rates



Weekly Rates



Monthly Rates   



Long term


R160 inc 100km free. Excess: R1.60 p/km


R240 inc 250km free. Excess: R1.60 p/km ( minimum 5 days)


R1050 inc 280km free. Excess R1.60 p/km


R1 190 inc  770km free. Excess R1.60 p/km

R1 540 inc  1750km free. Excess R1.60 p/km


R3 450.00 inc 900km free. Excess: R1.60 p/km


R3 900.00 inc 1 500km Free. Excess: R1.60 p/km


R4 650.00 inc 4 050km free. Excess: R1.60 p/km


R9 450.00 inc 3 150km free. Excess: R1.60 p/km


R10 800.00 inc 5 400km free. Excess: R1.60 p/km


R12 600.00 inc 12 150km free Excess: R1.60 p/km






Daily Rates



Weekly Rates



Monthly Rates   



Long term


R220 and 50km   free. Excess: R2.20 p/km


R1610 and   420km free. Excess: R2.20 p/km


R2030 and   1500km free. Excess: R2.20 p/km


R7200 and   3000km free. Excess: R2.20 p/km



We care about your car hire needs!

And so we have special deals for your car rental requirements just contact us with your needs.


Requirements for a cheap car hire:

  1. Valid Drivers Licence(minimum of 3 years holding a valid drivers license for RSA residents)

  2. Identification Document

  3. Cash deposit or credit card

  4. Contract fee: R85


Customer excess responsibility:

  1. Cars: R3 420 (accident) and R5 700 (theft)

  2. Bakkies: R4 560 (accident) and R6 840 (theft)

  3. Navigator: R1200 theft or damange

Additional Drivers fee:

  1. R20 per day

  2. R119 per week

  3. R330 per month


GPS device rental:

  1. Daily R25

  2. Weekly R140

  3. Monthly R420